I Went and Started a Blog

I finally did the unthinkable and jumped on the Blog Bandwagon.  I know, I know… I’m at least 5 years too late (probably even 10?), but I feel that you all could benefit from my culinary expertise.  [cue eye roll]

Who in the world am I?

I am a (seemingly eternal) college student from Nebraska who loves to cook!

Why in the world did I start this blog?

In addition to all the narcissistic reasons one starts a blog, especially a blog related to their talent (or lack thereof), I think I just wanted to share my experiences in the kitchen with you.  You – of course – being my mom and The Emily’s.  I love trying new recipes and experimenting with old ones.  I also love feedback.  If someone out there has a secret to get pie crusts to roll out perfectly on the first try, I wanna know about it!

What in the world am I going to blog about?

I think I’ll probably just blog about the food I make.  If you’re looking for a serious commentary on the day’s events, you won’t find it here.  Unless, of course, I bake something related to it.  Once I find my coveted donkey and elephant cookie cutter set, we’re all in trouble.  And hello, what could be better during Pride Week (you know, besides equality) than rainbow cupcakes in a cone decorated with Skittles?  Okay, I’m getting carried away now.  There will mainly be easy, cheap, healthy(?) recipes with some mediocre pictures edited to look all hipster-ish with a fancy iPod app.  Actually, scratch that, I pledge to keep my Blog hipster free.  The one exception, of course, is the name.  I’m sorry, guys.  When I came up with the blog idea a little over a year ago, I was going through a huge Iron & Wine phase.  And, I mean, come on.  Such Great Bites… That’s just clever, right?  RIGHT???

How in the world am I such an expert?

Well… Admittedly, I’m not.  I have, however, had the privilege of growing up around many culinary experts (whether they know it, or not).  I can’t think of a family member or close friend who hasn’t taught me some extremely valuable lesson.  I also consider Nigella Lawson, Paula Dean, Ina Garten, and Martha Stewart to be among my very best friends.  So, you know, they give me a lot of personal advice.