Well, Hello There!

Hey Friends!

I’m sorry that it’s been so long since I’ve written anything.  I know you were all just dying to hear from me.  So… here’s a little update:  I recently started a new job and moved to Omaha.  I’m living with my mom for a little bit until I can find an apartment/build up some savings.  Basically, right now my life is filled with excitement and adventure.  Even if excitement and adventure simply means sitting down to eat breakfast, drink coffee, and watch the news every morning.  Switching from two jobs to one job also means that I have time to work out again.  I mean… That doesn’t necessarily mean that I’ve USED my free time to work out, but that time is there and I have every intention of using it.

I’m making a goal to write a little bit every day for the rest of May.  What would you like me to write about?  What are the topics that just make you go, “That Sally…. She sure is [hilarious, brilliant, humble, etc…]”  Because, you guys, I JUST found out this weekend when the new princess was born that Duchess Catherine was even expecting.  So… I need a little help.


2 thoughts on “Well, Hello There!

  1. Yay Sally!!! I love reading whatever you write. Here is a little hint for this week, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, and you have such a great one 🙂

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