Gratitude Challenge – Day 1

My mom nominated me on Facebook to take part in the “Gratitude Challenge.”  You post two things you are grateful for a day for five days.  Since I can never think of anything to write about, I’m going to use this challenge as a way to get back to regularly posting on here.

1. Since my mom nominated me, I think it’s only fitting that the first one is dedicated to her. I’m grateful to have such an amazing mama. Growing up, our house was always full of silliness. At any given time, there were songs being improvised to be sung by inanimate objects, children were turning into tigers, and books were being read. Watching her be a grandma serves as a reminder of just how fun my childhood was. I regularly find myself sitting on the floor with a toddler in my lap when Mom’s reading the bedtime stories.

I have been so inspired by my mom’s strength over the past 4 years, especially in these last 18-ish months. For a woman who hates making decisions, she has made a lot of BIG decisions with a lot of grace. Also, I know this “Gratitude List” is a 2-a-day, 5 day deal, but my mom has kept a gratitude journal for years and years where she writes numerous things she’s grateful for every day.  So…  I think I can figure out a way to come up with 10 things I’m grateful for.


2. I’m loving this shift to fall weather. Anything under 60 degrees makes me one happy girl. Once we get down to the 40’s… Oh Baby.  It makes me want to put on my running tights and a long-sleeved shirt with thumbholes and go for a run.

The weather today reminds me of a day when Emily P. and I went to something at the Edgerton Center then had a sleepover. The next day we rode our bikes to Ben Franklin’s to get supplies to make bubbles, spent the day trying to recreate the awesomeness of the Bubble Man, then rode our bikes to Chucks to get some pizza burgers.

You’re supposed to nominate two people with every post to take part in the challenge.  However, I’m just going to nominate a big ol’ collective YOU.  I’d love to hear what my readers are grateful for.