Tracking: Week 13, Day 5

Week 13, Day 5

As I mentioned in my last post, I feel absolutely miserable today.  I took some cough syrup and slept all day.  I didn’t watch trashy bridal reality TV, but I DID happen to catch a few episodes of classic Batman on the Hub network.  This was my favorite show when I was little.  I think my babysitter taped every single episode of me.  Sadly, Batgirl did not make an appearance.  However, there were several times that I just thought, “If only Commissioner Gordon would’ve called Barbara, this mess would have only needed one episode to clean up.”  Tomorrow, I will go into town (I just realized how hilarious it sounds when I say “go into town.”  It makes me sound like I’m Pa Ingalls making the trek into town to get tin cans and peppermint sticks and lard for the winter, but really, it’s maybe a 7 minute drive to get into town.  It takes less time to get from the country to town than it does for me to drive pretty much anywhere in Lincoln.) to get some more hardcore allergy medicine.  Like, the stuff you make meth with.  Okay.  I’m going to stop now.  I really shouldn’t blog when I’m on cold meds.


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