Tracking: Week 13, Day 4

For some reason it wouldn’t scan the entire journal as one picture, so I kind of gave up.

I had to post yesterday’s tracking today because I got tired of waiting for the computer last night.  SOMEONE in this house is very addicted to online Scrabble.  And no, we haven’t entered the 21st century and have yet to get wireless internet so my laptop pretty much useless.  Yesterday was good.  I feel like it’s pretty obvious that I’m slightly addicted to ice cream.  I know I said a few days ago that I don’t reward myself with food, but after spending a Saturday afternoon in WalMart, I felt like I deserved ice cream.  Especially when I knew that it was well within my points for the day.  That’s one of the nice things about WW.  I feel like it prepares people for living in the “real world” better than any other plan.  They teach you how to properly order at restaurants and allow for splurges every once in awhile.  I don’t think I could be on one of those frozen meal plans.  Eventually, it would get old.  Right?

Also, I think what I called allergies is actually a full on cold.  I’m absolutely miserable today.  It may be a stay in my pajamas and watch all the trashy wedding-related reality shows on Bravo kind of day.  Which is perfect since today is my scheduled rest day.


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