Tracking: Week 13, Day 2


I didn’t get a chance to post last night because I was just sooo tired.  (It might have also had something to do with mom playing computer games. 🙂 )  But, as promised, here’s my Thursday journal.

Week 13, Day 2

I woke up yesterday morning with HORRIBLE allergies.  They were the kind that just made me want to lay on the couch with a box of Kleenex and the sixth season of Gilmore Girls.  Still, I thought I needed to do something.  Netflix has exercise DVD’s for online streaming, so I picked a 10 minute Yoga video.  You would think this would be relatively easy.  However, the lady kept telling me to close my mouth and breathe through my nose.  Hello!  I’m pretty sure if I did that I would pass out.  Later on in the day I decided to try a run.  My plan for the week was to run two miles on Thursday and do a double Jazzercise.  Well, I knew that wouldn’t be happening, but I still thought I should try at least one mile.  I started out running and eventually had to stop and just walk.  Everyday, I do something new that affirms my belief that I’m a genius.  Yesterday it was when I thought that running, while I have allergies, on a gravel road surrounded by bean and cornfields was a good idea.  Then I went into town for my hair appointment with the lovely Emily P.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but The Emily’s are training to become Jazzercise instructors.  Yeah!  So, last night after my appointment I went to their practice and did the routines along with them.  I can’t wait to actually take their classes!

Today, I’m planning on going into town (we got a bunch of rain last night, and I don’t think it would be very much fun to run on the gravel roads) and seeing if I can run the 5k course for A’Ror’N days.  I can’t believe it’s in a week from tomorrow!  Also, I’ve now been running for 9 weeks.  How crazy is that?  I was planning on Jazzercise this morning, but I woke up too late.  I’ll probably go tonight, instead.

Also, most days they put a quote in my WW journal.  Today it’s, “Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what my never happen.  Keep in the sunlight.” by Benjamin Franklin.  I like it!


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