Tracking: Week 13, Day 1

Okay, this might be excessive.  Correction, this WILL be excessive.  Sometimes my dad will talk about how he (and I, I suppose) doesn’t need a smart phone.  This leads to us talking about things that we might tweet about.  It usually ends up with very detailed description of our, um, bodily waste and the things we ate.  But it will start with, “What am I going to Tweet about?  It’s not like the world needs to know that I had chicken, AGAIN, for supper.”  So, I’m sorry.  I feel like this will hold me accountable this week.  I promise to my Facebook friends, I will not post links to my tracking posts.  Also, this will not be something I do EVERY week.  I promise that while I may be posting mundane things about what I ate, I will NEVER… PROBABLY never… post anything about my poop.  Plus, we all know women don’t poop.

I use the 3 month tracker, which is kind of amazing.  It’s nice to be able to go back and check how many points something is, if you can’t remember.  It’s also interesting to see the correlation between whether I tracked/what I ate/How much I exercised and how much I lost.  I can tell you right now, the weeks that I tracked for a couple days then stopped once it came time for the weekend are usually the weeks I haven’t done well.

Every week starts out with pages for tracking off points earned and used. It also has a page to plan your exercise for the week.

I need to write in pencil. Everyday I have to scribble out the total at least twice.  Daily Points Remaining: 7, Points earned: 34

As you can tell, I realllly like Schwan’s Lemon Frozen Yogurt.  It’s sooooo good.  Also, when mom was going up to get some was when I calculated that I had 21 points left.  But then I realized the almonds were 5 and not 3 and my burrito was 8, not 4.  So… The more you know, I guess.  I’m a little embarrassed at how few of the Good Health Guidelines I checked off.  We need to get some fruit and veggies in this hizzouse.  Actually, we probably do have some, I just get a little afraid of what might be in our vegetable drawers in the fridge.

Also… Are there any people out there who do WW and Jazzercise?  I usually figure the points for half of the class as regular impact, half the class as high impact.  But I’m not sure if that’s right.


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