Small Victories

Tuesday night I was writing a post on accomplishments that have nothing to do with the scale.  I usually get a little anxious the day before weigh in and was trying to remind myself that it’s not all about how much weight you lose but also about the small victories you have along the way.  Well… I weighed in yesterday and lost 4.2 pounds this week, which brings my total with Weight Watchers to 21.6 and grand total (from Emily P.’s wedding, which was in August 2010) to almost 40 pounds.  So, that post is being thrown out the window.  Nothing matters except the scale.  Everything else is trivial.  Just Kidding.  Although, I do have to say I’m very proud of myself.  I didn’t really do anything that made me think I wouldn’t lose a lot.  I was just expecting the standard 1-2 pounds.  When I weighed in, my leader, Mary (who is just an extremely positive and helpful person), and I just looked at each other with a very wide eyed surprised look when we saw the number on the scale and then started laughing and it took us awhile to stop.

Now, I’m going to include some before and after – or I suppose, before and during – pictures, mainly because I don’t have an incredibly inspiring video montage on hand.  I do, however, have something to admit.  I HATE before and after pictures.  I hate how the before pictures are usually taken by someone who obviously hates the person being photographed because they’re always taken while said person is in the middle of eating some disgusting looking food or doing something really unappealing.  To me, at least, it suggests that everyone is just a huge, unattractive slob with horrible hygiene before they lose weight.  I think too much emphasis is put on the appearance part of losing weight (though, I admit, I love receiving compliments just as much or more than the next person).  I’m going to stop before I start a long essay on feminism and body image, BUT you get the point.  And, admittedly, I might change my tune when I reach my goal weight, which is still a loooooong ways off.

Emily P.’s Wedding: August 28, 2010

May 30, 2012: 40 pounds later

While I had an incredibly awesome week this week, there have been a lot of weeks when I’ve lost less than a pound, and even a couple where I gained a little bit.  Those weeks it can be extremely frustrating, especially when it feels like you’re doing everything according to plan.  I try to find other things to motivate me.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to run a 5000 meter (for you Parks and Rec fans) at the end of June and actually am running a 3k a week from Saturday.  (Any “first race” tips would be greatly appreciated!)  I don’t know if I’d really consider those to be small victories, but it’s definitely something else to motivate me.

So, instead of the usual “Things I’ve Learned This Week” list, this week I’m going to do a “Small Victories” List.  You’ll have to forgive me if it turns into “Sally’s Brag List.”  My birthday is in less than a month and usually during Birthday Month my ego doubles in size.  In fact, I was listening to Beyonce after my meeting because I was so pumped up and found myself relating a little too much to her song, “Ego.”  Then, the more I listened to the words, the more I realized it was about Jay Z’s, um, “member” and found I could no longer relate to it.  But, good for you, Beyonce.  Good.  For.  You.

Also, I want to hear about things that keep you motivated and focused when the number on the scale’s not moving as fast as you want it to.

Small Victories

–  using my actual abs instead of neck during crunches in Jazzercise.  I think since I accomplished this, Advil stock has gone down drastically and the poor people at WebMD are worried that the 25-34 year-old female from my zip code who symptom checked neck injuries all the time actually did have a neck tumor and has since passed.

–  in general, just using WebMD less.  Unless it’s after a double Jazzercise followed by a run.  But they don’t really have an option on their symptom checker for “Everything hurts!  I think I’m going to die!”

– Finally being able to fit into a pair of jeans I ordered a couple months ago that were too small, but I swore I would be able to fit into them after a couple weeks of hard work.  (Side note:  I had a pair of the same style and size only in Long that fit perfectly, but the regulars were significantly smaller.  Has anyone else had this problem with Gap jeans?)

– Having to tighten my watch by a hole.

– In the same vein, having an INCREDIBLY attractive tan line where my watch is, despite using SPF 50 sunscreen religiously because I’m just running All.  The.  Time.  Actually, only a half hour, 5 days a week.  But still.  Pretty awesome.  (Annoying PSA time:  Use sunscreen, folks!  If my embarrassingly fair skin can tan after a very limited amount of time in the sun, with a high SPF sunscreen, there’s no reason you shouldn’t use it.)

–  Having to add a new hole to a belt.  Those of you more fortunate than I, might consider buying a new belt.

– Knowing an embarrassingly large amount of Pit Bull lyrics from going to Jazzercise so much.  He sure does like to rap about the President..

– Reaching 25 classes in Jazzercise!  Yeah!  (Actually, I think this would be a lot higher, but none of my Lincoln classes counted toward this.)  Also, for all of you Aurora Jazzercisers out there, Emily M. and I are going to Buh-ring It for the partner challenge these next couple months.  You better watch your back!

– Having someone who didn’t know I was trying to lose weight, compliment me.

– Passing Taco Johns and Amigos on my way to Party City (as mentioned before, it IS Birthday Month, I will most likely be going to P.C. – aka Sally’s Heaven on Earth – every week after meetings until June 24th) and opting to get Subway instead.

– In fact, I haven’t had Amigos or really any fast food in almost three months.  Having said that, I’m now reallllly craving Amigos.

– Running 2 miles, without stopping, under 30 minutes (barely).  But hey, waving at someone you THINK is your bff’s boyfriend  (who, I should mention, I’ve known since Kindergarten) very enthusiastically every time you think you see him drive by adds a lot of seconds to your time.

I feel like I could go on for a while, but I’ve probably reached my limit.  I do have to say, though, my biggest accomplishment – so far – happened when I was in Denver visiting my sister.  I think maybe a 1 ½ years ago, my brother, sister-in-law, and I went to Denver to see Greta and took a big walk around this really cool, Stuhr Museum-like park, and I would just get completely winded but then pass it off as being the altitude’s fault.  HOWEVER, Greta and I went back to this park on this trip and we RAN.  We ran A LOT.  We also went to Red Rocks one day, and while – yes – I did get a little out of breath while walking up the steps to the amphitheater, I didn’t have to stop and do the weird half laugh, half cough thing to cover up my heavy breathing.  I can tell crazy awesome things are happening inside of me and that’s, well, crazy awesome.

Running in Denver

My very Awesome sister.

Also, I’m sorry, Mom, for talking about Jay Z’s manly part.  I’d like to say it won’t happen again, but I just don’t know.



2 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. Ok I was following recipes here, but now I will visit your blog for motivation as well! Girl you are Looking GOOD!!! I just want to be able to exercise so I can eat without anxiety! Keep it going!

  2. Sally, you are MY very Awesome sister! Way to go, rockstar! I am so glad I could be there for your biggest accomplishment so far. Can’t wait to run our first race together! Love ya!!

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